Madison Rifkin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mount. Madison started Mount when she was 12 years old and since then has been on a journey of entrepreneurship, determination, and perseverance.

Madison’s background comes from the Micromobility space (electric bike and scooter rentals). After spending over 2 years in this industry learning from these companies, Madison saw a unique opportunity, to bring scooter innovation into the Short-Term Rental industry. It was one that was ripe for innovation as over 80% of the people riding scooters were tourists but most vacation rental destinations had been overlooked by scooter programs or banned. When Madison dug further, they found the true problem and it wasn’t that STRs needed scooters, it was that STRs needed a way to generate more revenue and add diverse revenue streams. This didn’t exist – the industry was calling amenities early check-in, late check-out, and a mid-stay clean.

Madison charged the Mount team forward and knew they were the ones to bring these new revenue streams. Today, Mount is the marketplace that can take whatever you own and turn it into a rentable amenity for travelers.