John is a short-term rental industry expert, with particular focus in optimizing and customizing the technology stack, driving up revenue, and continually streamlining operations. Leveraging his experience in building, growing, and operating a successful and profitable short-term rental brand from the ground up, John constantly utilizes his own short-term rental business as a fertile testing ground to roll up his sleeves and dig in to experiment with new systems, technologies, and approaches. John has advised many of the technology companies informing product roadmap, features, and nuanced usability for real short-term rental operators.

John started his career as an architect, and then with a desire to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and cities, John received a Doctorate Degree in Building Physics from Harvard University and built a successful career as an expert consultant in the environmental sustainability industry. However, John had an entrepreneurial calling, and wanted to create something that combined his passion for real estate and technology. The short-term rental industry presented this opportunity, and he founded TechTape to leverage his knowledge and expertise to add value to the short-term rental industry.