An STR veteran with 22 years of global knowledge, Chris is probably one of the only Short Term Rental property managers who has built a 100% direct booking business, building a property management company with a yearly turnover of 15 million, managing over 250 properties, some are the most sought after properties on the French Riviera.

To mention the fact clients such as Google, Twitter, Spotify. MTV, LiveRamp, Apple, Nike, Amazon, MediaLink, UTA trust Chris”s company and his Cannes based agency to book direct speaks for itself.

If that was not enough experience to be involved in a direct booking blue print book. Chris in 2014 founded I-PRAC the global STR trust accreditation providing a trust tool to operators around the globe which was voted the most effective direct booking conversion tool in 2020, 2021, 2022.

So to say Chris”s experiences is vast within STR and Direct Bookings is an understatement !